Monday, 2 March 2009

Paris, the city of love...

So today i thought I would put up some of my awful snaps i have of the city that i took on my little tourist trip with Saskia on Sunday, they are not that great but oh well, plus thought a bit about Parisian chic.

(the eiffel tower itself :) )

(This is my street, i am living at, i edited it a bit to make it a bit more interesting becasue i've only got a boring digital camera with me here :( )

(going down the eiffel tower)

(view from the top of eiffel tower)

(inside the Louvre, yes that is my finger in the way, but I loved this part it was so light and airy much nicer than the mona lisa)

So it was pretty fun, a nice rest from dancing plus Paris is a great place for scoping other people's outfits, even though all i seem to live in these days are leotards and leggings :( because everyone in Paris is so chic, I like to think I drew inspiration for my outfit on Sunday from Lanvin to fit in with the Parisian chic, but I don't really know whether I pulled it off.


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  1. ah ur so lucky to have been in paris ! !! im dying to go tthere! ! i just cant take all the green grass and eiffel tower or the french guys! ! i think im gonna love it there! no kidding! !and the pics u took are amazing by the way! !