Tuesday, 3 March 2009

In my Bag.... :)

So this is like a real life Polyvore set, just a look inside the small life of me :)

My bag is a vintage Louis Vuitton, and in it is: ipod, soft ballet shoes, box with hair pins in (dancer, always prepared) mont blanc pen, great lash mascara, touche eclat and chanel rouge noir nail polish.

I've been using this bag alot recently for just going around because it's an across the body one so it's always on me and it's less heavy and junk filled than my Balenciaga bag!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Paris, the city of love...

So today i thought I would put up some of my awful snaps i have of the city that i took on my little tourist trip with Saskia on Sunday, they are not that great but oh well, plus thought a bit about Parisian chic.

(the eiffel tower itself :) )

(This is my street, i am living at, i edited it a bit to make it a bit more interesting becasue i've only got a boring digital camera with me here :( )

(going down the eiffel tower)

(view from the top of eiffel tower)

(inside the Louvre, yes that is my finger in the way, but I loved this part it was so light and airy much nicer than the mona lisa)

So it was pretty fun, a nice rest from dancing plus Paris is a great place for scoping other people's outfits, even though all i seem to live in these days are leotards and leggings :( because everyone in Paris is so chic, I like to think I drew inspiration for my outfit on Sunday from Lanvin to fit in with the Parisian chic, but I don't really know whether I pulled it off.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ahhh i have a massive to do list/ to buy

I have such a huge list of things i have to do like put up the blog's i'm reading, my wish list blogs i'm following various trends i like more ballet shiz, music, ahhh. Also i have a tonne of things i want to buy from amazing little vintage stores round the corner from the dance studio. And what i am about to do in 10 minutes go dancing for the whole day and i'm having more intensive reahearsals next week

:( there really are not enough hours in the day. It sucks i wish i could be the first ever fashionista ballerina, yeah and it has a nice ring to it!

Photo s k u l l s e t

My new ballet bag :)

Yes how cute is my new training bag? Very I think most will agree, i love Fifi Lapin and my friend back home bought it as a birthday present for me, it's a bit early but i couldn't wait, so i had to use it!

Svetlana Zakharova

I love Svetlana she is amazing, people talk about her being incredibly flexible but she's also quite interestingly tall apparently 5'7? I'm no short ballerina being 5'6 myself but I never imagined her being that tall. But she has such a dazzling technique and this lovely melodious line, an incredible ballerina.