Saturday, 28 February 2009

Stole this....

When was the last time someone slapped your ass? ummm don't know?
Have you kissed anyone today? on the cheek...
What's on your mind right now? whether my toe is broken and whether i should venture out for coffee...
Are you excited? not really
How's your day? ok-ish
Have you cried recently? last week.
What are you doing now? sitting in my room.
Listening to anything? Paris traffic haha
Are you talking to anyone? nope
How's life? nice :)
Who do you like? many people
Does anyone like you? maybe
Do you curse often? yeah...
Is taking a shower a daily habit? yep especially after dancing...
Do you use lyrics to express how you feel? not really more dancing.
Are you ashamed of your past? no
Do you have a laptop? yep
Do you miss anyone? many...
Are you going on vacation in the summer? yes
Did you dance at all today? yes 7 this morning :).
Do you use coasters? sometimes.
When was the last time you saw your bestfriend? 3 weeks ago...
Do looks matter? mmm.
Do you have good memories with old friends? yeah.
Have you ever been to Hollywood? yes!
Are you wearing a necklace? yes.
Are you happy right now? i guess.
Do you regret anything that you have done? of course.
What is something you say when you're mad without even thinking? ummm....?
Have you ever cried from being so mad? yep yep.
Do you write on your hands? yep i have a smiley face on my left hand atm...
Do you need to get your hair cut? not really.
Are you logged on to AIM? no.

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